Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Penny for Your Thoughts...

I made a point, from day one, to never "baby talk" to my daughters. I spoke to them like they were adults even before they uttered their first word.* I'm used to the weird looks shot in my direction when I use four syllable words with people under the age of four. I love words and I wanted them to know as many as possible. Once S reached the age of three, I discovered the joy of conversation with little kids. They want to tell you everything. They are forming opinions and making observations. They try to be as descriptive as possible. They are figuring out our language and how to use it. When my girls say a word incorrectly, I'll tell them the correct pronunciation. But, I'm not going to lie. I LOVE it when kids mess up words. It's adorable and funny. I don't encourage it but I do try to remember it so I have funny stories to share later.

Here are a few of S's (age 2) Greatest Hits:

You can't hug a "porky nine" mama. They have "stickies" that pinch you.

Look at the "Squeal!"

Is that a chicken frog?!

I have to use the "Toe-Let."

Don't you be mad to me!

As of this past Sunday, B (3 months shy of age 3) started a real conversation with me. Before then, I could only pick out a few words and most of the time, she was asking for something, rather than telling me something. But, Sunday, while watching a baseball game on the television, B launched into a 20 minute conversation about what she saw on the screen and I understood every word:

B: That guy hit the ball with the stick because that guy threw the ball to the guy with the stick because they like to play the baseball.
Me: Who hit the ball?
B: Look mama! Did you see? That guy over there threw the stick and run over there because he hit the ball with the stick because that guy with the hat on his head threw the ball...

It was a 20 minute "Who's on First?" reenactment. I loved it.

B also started saying things like:
I love popsicles. They are "de-wishes"

What's that smell? That's disgusting!

Can you open the "re-frid-gator" door for me?

B also started the "why" phase this weekend. S never really asked "why" when she was younger, but then S is more a rule follower. B is more rebellious and questions my authority all the time. I try to truthfully answer B's why's as much as possible. Sometimes, it seems as though she is not listening to my answers so I'll mess with her a little:

Me: Go brush your teeth, B.
B: Why?
Me: Because you need clean off all the food bits from your teeth.
B: Why?
Me: Because you want sparkly and healthy teeth, don't you?
B: Why?
Me: Because if you don't, your teeth will rot and fall out of your mouth. You'll never be able to chew your food ever again and the tooth fairy does not bring quarters for rotten teeth. Capisce?
B: Capisce.

I've tried playing the "why" game with her but she usually wins the first round and I just give up.

Me: Why did you jump off the back of the couch again?!
B: It's fun.

Me: Why are you wide awake at 3am again?!
B: I'm done sleeping.

Me: Why don't you want to use the potty?!
B: I like my diaper.

Me: Why do you eat chalk, crayons and the occasional rock?
B: It's yummy!

Me: Why do you put pencils in my water glass?
B: They were thirsty.

I'm a chatter box. I admit it. I am also very animated when I get into telling my stories. I hope my girls embrace their storytelling gene. They come from a long line of boisterous yarn spinners. Unfortunately, S is starting to get into trouble for talking too much during class. I understand the challenge of keeping quiet. There you are, emotionally invested in the intricate set up of your story and the teacher interrupts you right before the apex to continue her lesson. So, instead of "pulling cards" when she talks during class, I'm trying to channel her need to share stories into journaling. If she has a story to tell, I ask her to wait until she is at home and write it down. Then you can share it when people are ready to listen.

Perhaps that's why I started a blog.

*S's first word was "Dada." Second was "shoe." Third was "Mama." B's first word was "Mama." I stopped keeping track of B's words after 'Mama." That's the only word that counts, amiright?!


  1. Awesome. You really hit it on the nail. Strange how two kids from the same mom are completely different. Thats why I'm only having one. He was the angel.

  2. Another wonderful story. This story is like looking into the past and when I do that it makes me smile. You are a good Mama and a great blogger. Thank you..


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