The Who, What, Why & Where

Before I left the hospital with my first born daughter, the nurse instructed me on the proper steps to take so I would recover from the birth. She then asked me if I had any questions. With my beautiful baby in my arms, I looked up at her and said, "You only told me how to take care of myself. What about the baby?" She smiled and said, "You'll be fine. I promise."

The Main Characters:

Terese - that's me. I'm the mom. I like to tell stories that make people laugh.

The Hub - My husband of 9 years. The kids are half his fault. 

S - My first born daughter. She is my good girl with no patience. She likes to read and write stories about mermaids and deadly spiders.

B - My second born daughter. She is my darling hell monkey. She loves as hard as she hits.

Bailey Grace - My rescued Pit Bull. If she could lick your face off, she would.
Malcolm Reynolds - The Hub's rescued Doberman Pincher. He has separation anxiety and farts a lot. (R.I.P 10/29/2012) Read Malcolm's story here.

Sidney Ray - My latest Pit Bull rescue. She likes to gnaw the ends of her nyla bones into sharp points and shank us in the legs. Other than that, she's a doll baby. Read Sid's story here.

I take being silly seriously. I am a 30-something year old wife, mother of two girls, sister, daughter, pal, and writer. I live in Georgia. I am working on my first children's book. I like to make soups from scratch. I am a face painter on the side. I have 3 rescue cats, 2 rescue dogs. I could always use a long nap, a beer, chocolate, or a cup of coffee. Someday, I hope to move back north or by the ocean... or both. I arm wrestled for charity in early 2011 and I placed 4th out of 28. 

See? I wasn't making that up. That's yours truly... with her game face on.

I started this blog February 2012. It was one of my typical "Oh, what the hell... why not?" moments. Some of the best things in my life started after I uttered those words. I recommend you try it. Hopefully, you will get better results than, "Hey ya'll! Watch this!" Nothing good ever proceeded those words. Well, that's not true. Some really funny videos have resulted from that phrase.

"Try my hand at blogging? Oh, what the hell... why not?"
Photo Credit - Edward Pauksta
 I digress. 

I hope you laugh while you are here. I hope you feel you're in good company. I hope you become a Fine Friend. (Stop by our Facebook page... there are some nice folks over there.) I hope you see that it is good for the soul to laugh at yourself. Parenting is hard. It is gross. It is sad. It is hilarious. It is life changing. It is worth it. Just relax, take a deep breath, and find the funny in your day. 

You'll be fine. I promise.



  1. We have so much in common: I dream of chocolate, love coffee and colder weather. I do have a rescue dog who licks a lot and a hub. The difference: they both fart. :-)

  2. Katerina,
    Your comment is one of the many reasons you are one of my very favorite people of all time.


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