Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What Did I Do Today?

During the week, after The Hub comes home from work, we ask each other, "How was your day?" The follow-up question is, "What did you do today?" More often than not, the events of my day are a blur save for a few funny or crazy moments. I've decided to document how I spend my day at home with the kids on a random Tuesday.


Wake up to cold wet nose pressed to my cheek.

Did The Hub feed the dogs? 
Please let there be coffee... please let there be coffee... please let there be coffee...

Let dogs out for potty break. Looks like it's going to rain today. Make mental note to put carpet cleaner shampoo on the shopping list. Feel a monthly migraine coming on. Complain about it to The Hub. Take migraine medicine. Pour cup of coffee and turn on morning news. Kids are still asleep. Kiss The Hub good-bye for the day. Weather report confirms the rain is coming. Cancel all outdoor plans and errands. Decide to make it a "Clean the House" day. Write down my "To Do" list.

                To Do
  1. Unload dishwasher
  2. Clean both bathrooms
  3. Vacuum entire house
  4. Dust
  5. Wash laundry
  6. Fold laundry

Kids wake up. Change B's diaper. Argue that candy is not suitable for breakfast. Win argument. Serve nutritional breakfast. Check email. Freak out for a moment because I think Nathan Fillion tweeted me. He did not. It was a Twitter newsletter which included some of his tweets, none of which were for me. Decide to share this moment of stupidity with my friends.  Tweet picture to Nathan Fillion. Slightly question my sanity.

What's that smell?

Change B's diaper. Send dogs back outside for potty break. Clear cereal bowls from kitchen table. More coffee. Set up cardboard box for rainy day fun for kids. It's not raining... yet.

I told you they love cardboard boxes.

Break up a fight over toy. Slip on puddle of water from knocked over dog bowl. Clean up puddle. Become aware of all the muddy paw prints on the kitchen floor. Can't remember the last time I mopped the floor. Add it to the list. Fold laundry. Swear to myself that I will put it away in a few minutes. Check Twitter to see if I got a response from Nathan Fillion. Nope.

Yes, I still wear my PHS Senior T-shirt.
Like the Hub's "Beer Me" t-shirt? Click Here.

Realize I just spent 20 minutes browsing Pinterest. Kids want something to eat. Argue that candy is not a suitable snack. Win argument. Give nutritious snack. Catch S giving her snack to dogs. Walk past laundry baskets. Repeat promise to put laundry away after I take a shower. 

I bet Nathan Fillion gets a million tweets a day. He'll probably never respond.  He'll probably think it was stupid. It was stupid! That's it. No more posting for me today. I look like a total flake. Good going, Terese, tweet Nathan Fillion to show him what a flake you are. I wonder what he would think if he found out we named our dog Malcolm Reynolds? Wait. Did I shampoo my hair before I put on the conditioner? Damn. WHAT WAS THAT NOISE?!  

Leave shower without shaving legs. Find out that noise was just the kids practicing their yodeling skills.  Get dressed. The girls say they are "SOOOOO hungry!" Walk past laundry baskets. Make lunch. Girls are not that hungry. Realize I am very hungry. Look at phone. Missed The Hub's call while in shower. Call back. He asks if my headache is gone. Remember that I had a headache, but it is gone. Realize I am very jittery from the medicine. Add up all the cups of coffee from this morning. Figure my mental rant in the shower (berating myself about being stupid about Nathan Fillion) might have been caffeine induced. Do not tell The Hub about Nathan Fillion. Already too embarrassed about all the thought that went into the whole situation.

No, you cannot have any candy!

Hear the first thunder clap. Send dogs out for another potty break before the storm hits. Clean up kitchen after lunch. Change another diaper. Tell whiny kids to pick up their toys off the floor. Gather kids on the couch and turn off the television. Cuddle with them and ask B what she wants to do for her 3rd birthday tomorrow. Tell the story of her birth. Leave out gory details. Tell S the story of her birth. Leave out gory details. Tell silly knock, knock jokes.

Sigh. This is nice. I wish I could sit here all day and cuddle with them. Man, it's really raining hard. I wonder if the power will go out. I wouldn't mind it... just for a little while.

Discuss future events leading up to school starting again. Make mental note to go "back to school" shopping. Discover huge wad of chewing gum in B's hair. Admit that I lost the candy battle. Relocate purse containing chewing gum pack to higher shelf. Successfully remove gum from B's hair with minimal cutting.

Hold ice on gum until hard. Gently pull hair off of gum.
 B and I both became impatient with the process and cut the rest of the gum out.

Put washed laundry in the dryer. Walk past folded laundry. Decide to wait to put it away after the next load in the dryer is dry and folded. Rent the new Three Stooges movie for the kids to watch while I work on my "To Do" list. Hear kids laughing. A lot. Too much. Question my parenting choices and have visions of S and B reenacting Larry, Moe, and Curly fights. Pick my battles and continue cleaning the kids' bathroom.

The Hub walks through the door.

He's home early! I'm not done with my list! Oh well. He already knows I'm not OCD Mom.

The girls and I tell him about our day. They enjoyed our cuddle / chat time. They LOVED the movie. Everyone is in good spirits even with the rainy day. The Hub plays with the kids. I put another laundry load in the washer. I walk by the spot where the laundry baskets were all day. They're missing.

Me: Where are the laundry baskets?
The Hub: I moved them to the bedroom.

Out of sight... out of mind. Good man!!

  To Do
  1. Mop kitchen floor
  2. Unload dishwasher
  3. Clean both bathrooms
  4. Vacuum entire house
  5. Dust
  6. Wash laundry
  7. Fold laundry
  8. PUT AWAY LAUNDRY  (Don't judge me.)

All in all, I'd say it was a pretty successful day. What did you do today?


  1. I wish my day was like yours...very interesting. Nice blog. I can relate!!

  2. I wish my day was like yours.. sounds like it was very interesting. I can relate to these kinds of days and miss them sometimes.

  3. Story of birth? "I squeezed, you came out. The end."

    1. Dear Joel the Hebrew,
      Birth stories can take a long time to tell and they were both very interested. I don't have that many knock, knock jokes in my repertoire and I just wanted them to sit still for a while without drugging them. You have to go with what works.

      Thanks for reading!

      P.S. Bazinga.

  4. Dear Terese,
    Duct-tape works well for getting children to sit still. The more duct-tape you use, the less wiggle they will have. And my birth story version took 5 words...so I disagree, they don't long to tell.

    Thanks for writing,
    Joel the Hebrew.

    P.S. In leiu of duct-tape, try singing Soft Kitty to them.

    1. Dear Joel the Hebrew,

      When have you ever known me to tell a story in 5 words? I will admit, your duct-tape suggestion is brilliant.

      Thanks for commenting.

      P.S. That only works when they are sick!

  5. I've needed to do laundry for three days, but I don't think I'm doing it tomorrow either!

    1. Dear Brian,
      That's the spirit! Laundry is not the boss of you!*


      *Until you run out of clean clothes and your t-shirts are so stiff they can stand up by themselves. The people around you start holding their noses and exclaim, "Ugh! What's that smell?!" Then, laundry is your boss.


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